[Skillshare] From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer


[Skillshare] From A Non Programmer To Full Stack .NET Developer

This course assumes no previous experience. We will start from the very beginning and it will help you unlock the mysteries of programming.

I am following the same principles and steps I took when I learned programming for the first time, because I was just like you knowing almost nothing and I am now a Senior Full Stack Developer. Everything presented here is already tested on me and more others and it works.

My first advice for you is “don’t be scared, but in the same time don’t expect it to be very easy”. Life is not all beer and skittles and for sure I am not here to lie to you that by only taking this course you’ll become an awesome developer. Think of it as a great and unique opportunity, a starting point to learn something new. You have to stay motivated and work very hard to master it.

Skillshare has a 30 day return policy and if it feels that programming is not for you, you can request a refund. However, in your career as a junior developer, you will probably feel this a few times and I recommend you to think very good before taking a radical decision.

What it means to build a web application from ground-up?

*concepts like database, SQL, No-Sql, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI, Frontend, Backend are well explained during the course

• Create a database (Sql vs No-Sql)
• Create an UI, the frontend (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
• Create an API
• Create a layer responsible with the logical processing of your application
• Create a layer responsible with executing operations against our database
• Enable local hosting
• Test the application
• Profit! !

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Skills in this Class

• CSS3

Project Description

Build a very simple functional web application from the ground up using industry standard practices (we do it together in the course)

Visit ‘‘Class Project’’ to get above further required files by Author attached at course page.

About Author :

Ion Cosmin Grigore – Cosmin grew up in Ploiesti and graduated from the University Politehnica of Bucharest. He has over 7 years of professional experience in software development, having had the opportunity to improve his teaching and leadership skills.

He is passionate about personal development, nurturing emotional intelligence, social and financial skills in every possible way, this being proven by the numerous personal projects we worked on, including some related to cryptocurrencies.

Created by : Ion Cosmin Grigore, .Net & Solidity Developer, ICO Expert
Language : English
Last Updated : March 2019

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