[PacktPub] Apache Kafka A-Z with Hands-On Learning [Video]


[PacktPub] Apache Kafka A-Z with Hands-On Learning [Video]

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By Learnkart Technology Private Limited

Released January 2021

ISBN 9781801077569
Course Length 9 hours 36 minutes


Do you want to learn Apache Kafka to store and process multiple, nonstop streams of information faster? Or do you want to prepare for the Apache Kafka certification exam? This course is an ideal resource to learn Apache Kafka and to reach your goals.

The course starts with an introduction to big data and Apache Kafka. Next, you will get into the details of a Kafka producer and consumer and grasp the techniques to tune the performance of Kafka operations. Moving along, you will explore the Kafka architecture and learn how to administer Kafka effectively. Next, you will learn to monitor server, infrastructure, and application and understand how the Schema Registry works in Kafka. Later, you will get to grips with Kafka Streams and Connectors and learn the process of integrating Kafka with Apache Storm, Spark, and Flume. Towards the end, you will learn how to perform various admin tasks using the admin clients and uncover useful tips to secure Kafka.

By the end of this course, you will have developed the Kafka skills needed to handle real-time data feed and to pass the Apache Kafka certification exam.re


Learnkart Technology Private Limited

Learnkart understands the importance of upskilling and its impact on you. They pride themselves in creating specialized e-learning courses that will not only prepare you for certification exams but also help you gain hands-on knowledge for real-world applications. Thousands of students have developed their skills with Learnkart through a variety of courses, such as PgMP, Risk Management Professional (RMP), speech recognition, Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more. Learnkart regularly adds courses to their portfolio to lend more value to your learning experience.

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