[TeamTreeHouse] Django REST Framework


[TeamTreeHouse] Django REST Framework

182-minute Python Course

About this Course

You’ve been learning Django and building great things. Suddenly it hits you. How do I take all this data I have and make it available to the world? Look no further than Django Rest Framework (DRF). DRF is a powerful and flexible framework, on top of a framework (Django), for building RESTful Web APIs. Built-in features like the Web browsable API, authentication policies, robust serialization for your models and excellent documentation make it a great choice for your API needs.

What you’ll learn

  • Installing Django REST Framework
  • Serializing Models
  • Handling HTTP Methods
  • Write your own APIView
  • Security and Authentication

RESTful Django
In this stage, you are going to learn how to add Django REST Framework to a Django project, the basics of model serializers, and how to handle HTTP methods.

Make the REST Framework Work for You
In this stage, you’ll work with viewsets, routers, and pagination in the Django REST API.

Security and Customization
Now it’s time to look into token-based authentication, enforcing permission checks, and enabling throttling. You’ll also add some custom data to your serializer and validate serializer data.

Created By Chris Jones
Duration 182m

Size: 398.23MB

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