[TeamTreeHouse] Introduction to Core Data


[TeamTreeHouse] Introduction to Core Data

136-minute iOS Course

About this Course

Saving data on your device is a fundamental part of building apps and in this course we’re going to learn how to use the Core Data framework to persist data between launches by building a simple to-do list app. We’ll also learn how to utilize table views to display, edit and delete data by communicating with Core Data.

What you’ll learn

  • Core Data
  • Fetched Results Controller
  • Persisted Store Coordinator
  • Managed Object Context

Understanding the Core Data Stack

Core Data is one the most fundamental frameworks in iOS, allowing us to persist data across apps and devices. In this stage, we’re going to look at the many moving parts of a Core Data stack and how they work in coordination to manage our object graph and save data.

Inserting and Saving Data Using a Context
The most basic operation we can undertake in order to persist user data is a save operation. In this stage we’re going to look at how we can insert items into a managed object context and save it. Most of the work is done by Core Data so we just need to make sure everything is in place for the magic to happen.

Fetching Data Using Fetch Requests
Fetching data, while typically a complex task, is made quite easy with Core Data and many helper classes. Over the next set of videos, let’s take a look at how we can create fetch requests and fetched results controllers to easily manage the data we retrieve from disk.

Deleting and Updating Data
The last operation we need to conduct is deleting or updating data. This is not all that different from saving and over the next set of videos, we look at how we can both delete data, as well as configure our table view to update itself elegantly once the data has been deleted.

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