[TeamTreeHouse] Django ORM


[TeamTreeHouse] Django ORM

134-minute Python Course

About this Course

Django has a very powerful ORM that provides us a huge amount of convenience when building our apps. In this course, we’ll learn about and use many of the methods and tools that Django gives us including ordering results, selecting only certain attributes, excluding results that match a particular value, and more,

What you’ll learn

  • Filter and exclude methods
  • F and Q objects
  • django-debug-toolbar
  • CRUD methods
  • Annotations and aggregation

Same Old ORM
We’ve used the ORM in all of our previous Django courses but we haven’t explored it very much. Before we start with the exploring, let’s do a little review of the ORM’s major points.

Basic ORM Usage
We know where we stand, so let’s start looking at how to use this amazing tool. We’ll see how to get just the results we want; create, update, and delete results; and control what all information we’re given.

Total Control
Now that we can get records pretty much anyway we want, let’s see about adding more control to our queries, more information to our results, and creating better queries all together.

Created By Kenneth Love
Duration 134m 


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