[TeamTreeHouse] Designing Interfaces in PHP


[TeamTreeHouse] Designing Interfaces in PHP

137-minute PHP Course

About this Course

An interface is a type of contract that assures that certain abilities are available on on a particular object class. We’ll write and extend multiple interfaces, then implement them to design and match functionality. Interfaces do not store any implementation details themselves. To share implementation details between classes, we harness the power of inheritance. Abstract classes prevent a parent class from being directly instantiated, while at the same time defining methods that MUST be implemented in any extending children.

This course will combine interface contracts with class hierarchy to leverage the benefits of each concept. We’ll explain the differences between interfaces and abstract classes, and give you the knowledge you need to build and implement both in your own projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Writing an Interface
  • Implementing Interfaces
  • Extending Interfaces
  • Matching Interfaces
  • Abstract Classes

Created By Chris Ramacciotti
Duration 2.28h

Size: 254.30 MB

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