[SkillShare] Unreal Engine for Architecture – Class #1


[SkillShare] Unreal Engine for Architecture – Class #1


Hello and welcome to this my first Unreal Engine class!
Today We will build an interior and visualize it using Unreal Engine 4.

• In class #1 I will walk you through my process in creating photoreal interiors in Unreal Engine.

Some of what you’ll learn.

• How to organize your references.
• Correct practices to preparing your project for import/export.
• Lighting and basic materials.
• How Quixel and 3d assets will save you tons of time.
• Final Lighting and RayTracing and Cinematics.

If you’re a 3d architect/artist Who loves photorealism and wants to step up their game in Unreal Engine this class is for you!

After this class

Your projects are going to look better

You will learn how to save time and focus on important aspects of your project

Materials / Resources


• Unreal Engine.
• Knowledge of a 3d tool (I use 3ds max)
• Quixel Bridge.
• Recommended: NVidia Graphics Card for “GPU Light Baker”

To make sure we publish a portfolio piece on your Artstation account check out the Class Project.

Hands-on Class Project


Your class project is making nice minimal interior design, create a project. so I and other students can help you until you’re ready to publish your project!
The end goal of your class project is creating and rendering a beautiful apartment as we did in the class.

1. Download CAD files and check out the mood board I created for this class.
2. Finish 3d modeling of walls, floors, ceiling, doors, and windows.
3. Rename your meshes and organize your project layers.
4. Export your project as .datasmith or FBX.
5. Download Unreal Engine and if needed Datasmith plugin.Import your project to Unreal Engine (Using AEC template)
6. Download Twinmotion material pack.
7. Assign basic white material to your project. (easier to light your scene)
8. follow my lighting lessons and apply what you learned.
1. GPU Lightmass forum page.
2. GPU Lightmass for 4.25.3
9. Source furniture and assets on Unreal Marketplace.
10. Final Lighting + Final Materials.

Downloads and resources

• Project CAD Files: In Attachments
• Project Unreal Engine: Coming soon
• Unreal Marketplace
• My other tutorials on youtube:
• Tutorial 1 – How to Photorealism in Unreal Engine + GPU Lightmass
• Tutorial 2 – Introduction to Unreal Engine

Visit Course page to get resources links that given by Author.

Covered Topics

• Interior Design
• Animation
• Game Design
• 3D Modeling
• Game Development
• Creative
• Lighting
• Unreal Engine 4

About Author

Yahiya Jasem, Unreal Engine Specialist | VR Division

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