[GRE Magoosh] Magoosh Premium Videos 2017


[GRE Magoosh] Magoosh Premium Videos 2017

The shortest distance between you and good GRE score.

  • Magoosh students score an average of 6 points higher in each section than all other GRE takers.
  • Top-quality study materials continually updated based on millions of students’ answers.
  • It is simple to learn everything you need to know with 200 lessons.


“Magoosh was exactly what I needed to kickstart my GRE prep. The practice questions were incredibly addictive and the dashboard progress pie chart very encouraging. The quick turnaround time in email responses was very appreciated. ”
Jerilyn T, Math 170, Verbal 166.

“Magoosh served as the facilitator and organizer of my studying. The video explanations for each question were an amazing resource, leaving no instances of confusion. Everything you could imagine needing and more was here. Thanks!”
Ryan S, Math 160, Verbal 162

List Of Folders

  • Intro to the GRE – 35.404 KB
  • Verbal – 545.825 KB
  1. Text Completion – Overview
  2. Text Completion – No Shifts
  3. Text Completion – Sentence Shifts
  4. Text Completion – Double Blanks
  5. Text Completion – Triple Blanks
  6. Sentence Equivalence
  7. Vocabulary
  8. Reading Comprehension
  9. Paragraph Argument
  • AWA- Writing – 59.031 KB
  1. AWA Basics
  2. Issue Task
  3. Argument Task
  • Math – 1.461.977 KB
  1. General Math Strategies
  2. Statistics
  3. Counting
  4. Probability
  5. Data Interpretation
  6. Advanced QC Strategies
  7. Arithmetic and Fractions
  8. Percents and Ratios
  9. Integer Properties
  10. Algebra, Equations, and Inequalities
  11. Word Problems
  12. Powers and Roots
  13. Geometry
  14. Coordinate Geometry

Size: 2.00 GB

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    But u have to be persistent enough . And toreent does it in background.
    Just make sure u have 2 gb internet plan and continuous internet .
    Update :- June , 2019

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