[PHLEARN] The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography Pro


[PHLEARN] The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography Pro

About this Class

For more than a decade, Ross Floyd has developed his skills and knowledge of product photography working with dozens of clients and taking over 70,000 professional images. In this tutorial, he breaks down the theory and fundamentals of lighting objects, how to accurately represent products in an image, and the business side of building and maintaining strong client relationships.

What’s Included
23 Video Tutorials | 15 Sample Images

Class Instructors
Aaron Nace – PHLEARN Founder | Ross Floyd – Professional Product Photographer

Master Product Photography

Make Any Product Look Stunning
Learn how to use lighting to create multiple variations of each image.

Lights. Camera. Perfection.

What is Product Photography?
Think of your favorite bag or piece of furniture. What is it you like most about it? Maybe it’s the texture and feel of the materials. Maybe it’s the unique shape or design. Maybe it’s the small details and craftsmanship. We teach you how to express these ideas and more through the tools and techniques of photography.

Learn from a Professional Photographer
With over 70,000 images—from designer furniture to fine art, luxury bags to one-of-a-kind treasures—Ross Floyd has photographed it all. Learn from a master of the craft on how to capture the best images possible for eCommerce, print, and web.

Art & Business
Product photography is equal parts art and business. For every creative decision you make, there’s a dozen decisions being made by a client that needs you to help tell their story. Learn how to balance the craft of photography with the business side of finding, keeping, and collaborating with clients.

Product Photography Tips & Techniques
We all know that to be a photographer, you’ll need some combination of cameras, lenses, and lights to capture images. But what about stands, lighting modifiers, and materials to create backgrounds? We break down everything a working product photographer uses to bring products to life in a photo.

Working with Clients
As a product photographer, your clients are creators, builders, and entrepreneurs. They are experts that need an expert to help them tell the story of their products through photographs. Get valuable advice from a working professional that knows how to take direction and build long-lasting relationships, all while exploring their own creative ideas.

Backgrounds & Set Design
The background is almost as important as the product itself. Need a pure white background for an eCommerce website? Use a white seamless. Your client needs to fill up a magazine spread? Time to build a set and tell a larger story. We even teach you tricks that will save you time, like turning a pure white sweep into a pitch black background by simply changing the lighting.

Lighting & Theory
Having a strong grasp of lighting fundamentals will often separate a good product photographer from a great one. We break down how to use light to express the most information about the products you’re shooting. Learn about quality of light, modifying light, and how to use light to describe shape, dimension, and texture.

Quality of Light
In photography, there’s much more to light than ‘on’ and ‘off’. Light can be controlled, shaped, and sculpted in ways to reveal more about the objects you’re photographing. We show you how to utilize hard light, soft light, and every step in-between to bring out all of the beautiful details in a product.

Photoshoot Best Practices
As a photographer, your job isn’t just to take photos. You’re also in charge of making sure a photoshoot is safe, efficient, and comfortable for everyone involved. See how a professional balances working with clients, models, and crew all while working to capture the best images possible.

Capture Incredible Detail

Make Every Pixel Perfect
Learn to use the latest technology to capture stunning detail and create images that will look great at any size or crop.

Choosing a Camera
Camera selection is important but not as important as making the most out of the gear that you have. See a side-by-side comparison of product shots taken with a Canon 5D and Phase One medium format camera. Then learn the fundamentals that will help you take great shots with any camera, whether it be an iPhone, a point-and-shoot, or a high-end DSLR.

Choosing Lenses
Lenses will have a huge impact on how products appear in a final image. How do you avoid lens distortion? How do you capture the most accurate shape of an object? We answer these questions and show you what lenses should be your go-to for any type of product photography.

Choosing Lights
Did you know you can take beautiful product photos with a single light? Whether you’re using one strobe or a dozen, learn to wrap products in light using a combination of professional gear and DIY tools.

Medium Format Photography
If you’re capturing images of high-end products, you’ll want to use high-end gear. Medium format photography allows for the highest resolution images, allowing for maximum fidelity, unmatched sharpness, and a more flexible post-production workflow.

Product Styling
Most products will need a little help to look their best in front of the camera. We show you how to arrange and style products to give them shape, volume, and to show off their most unique features.

Capture the Details
Product photography involves accurately representing the product as a whole and also getting in close to the see the little things that make it unique. Whether it be the materials, stitching, logo, or a useful feature, we show you how to look for and capture all the most important details.

Angle & Perspective
The lights are set. The product is in place. But where should you put the camera? Maybe you want the product to look big and heroic. Or maybe you want to show as much of the product as possible. We break down how angle and perspective can be used to evoke a feeling, show more, and solve creative problems that might arise during a shoot.

Materials & Texture
Supple leather. Detailed stitching. Handcrafted Wood. Reflective glass. Every material you photograph presents a whole new world of challenges. Learn to use light, shadows, composition, and framing to accentuate quality and describe how a product feels.

Shape & Structure
Will that bag be able to hold everything you need for your daily commute? Will that table be sturdy once you get it home? A product’s shape and structure will reveal a lot about how it might fit into someone’s lifestyle. Learn to capture size, dimension, and build quality using common photography tools and techniques.

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