[Coursera] – Machine Learning Specialization (Andrew Ng)


[Coursera] – Machine Learning Specialization (Andrew Ng)Description

Coursera Machine Learning, name of the training video series in the field of science learn machine. Topic machine learning nowadays is very wide and, in fact, the solution to progress towards artificial intelligence at a very high level to account comes. In this course you will learn the most effective and the most key techniques and learn how to run, and familiarity with the application, it can your knowledge in the field of machine learning to form a principled strengthen you. In this course contents are Theory and practical, is prepared for you.

You are on the course and at the head of the season, and marked the start to be familiar with the concepts of several such algorithms, parametric and non-parametric, etc. cores, neural networks, etc., you will. You also watch this course and learn the principles and basics of machine learning able to build robots of intelligence, that of the ability to understand and control the generations. you will be. This course is also for enthusiasts who intend to machine learning as a principled and quite practical, learn design and is published.

What you will learn in Machine Learning Specialization:

  • Machine learning from basic level to advanced, to shape the normative
  • Familiarity with the techniques and practical skills in real projects, you
  • Learn from the aspect of theory and practice to improve skills
  • Familiarity and understanding of the application of the algorithm parametric and non-parametric
  • Introduction to neural networks and artificial intelligence as a practical
  • And…

Machine Learning Specialization Specification:

  • Publisher : Coursera
  • Language : English
  • Duration : Approximately 2 months to complete – Suggested pace of 8 hours/week
  • Number of Courses: 3
  • Instructor : Andrew Ng, Eddy Shyu, Aarti Bagul and Geoff Ladwig
  • File format : mp4
  • University/Institute: DeepLearning.AI and Stanford University
  • Level: Beginner

Size: 1.46 GB

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    Hi, it seems like weeks 1 and 2 are missing from the “Supervised Machine Learning” section, it would be great if you guys fixed it,

  2. AI Learner says

    The skeleton for the files exists but they are 0 bytes.

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