[PacktPub] Frontend Web Development Bootcamp – Build a Twitter Clone [Video]


[PacktPub] Frontend Web Development Bootcamp – Build a Twitter Clone [Video]

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ISBN 9781800200975
Course Length 12 hours 34 minutes

Master frontend web development using HTML, CSS, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, and JavaScript


If you want to learn how the most popular and widely used websites are created, this Frontend Web Development Bootcamp is for you. In this course, you’ll build a website by cloning Twitter. Before you start building the website, you’ll be taken through each of the technologies that you need to be well-versed with to build this project.

Starting with HTML and CSS, you’ll build three different pages for your app – the main page, login page, and newsfeed page. Once you’ve got to grips with JavaScript and DOM, you’ll add some functionality to your project. With the step-by-step instructions, this course will guide you in creating some validation to navigate between different pages. You’ll also be able to build different modal boxes, create a sidebar, and add a dark mode. Finally, you’ll make your project fully responsive on different screen sizes, so it’s compatible with all types of devices.

By the end of the course, you’ll have learned the skills necessary to master Responsive Web Design.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at – https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Frontend-Web-Development-Bootcamp—Build-a-Twitter-Clone

Key Features
• Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM in a single course
• Explore basic to advanced fundamental concepts of frontend web development
• Build a fully responsive web app that works across different screen devices

What You Will Learn
• Gain a deep understanding of CSS Flexbox
• Manage the layout of your web page based on CSS Grid
• Build UI of Twitter based on HTML and CSS
• Understand how to interact with HTML document using Document Object Model
• Add modern functionalities to your project


George Lomidze

George Lomidze is a full-stack Web Developer / Designer, Co-Founder of ‘Code And Create’ and an author of several Best-Selling courses. He’s excited that you’re here and has a chance to help people learn one of the most interesting and powerful fields in the world. He’s decided to share his knowledge and experience with you and that’s the main reason for being here. He has specialized in the following technologies: HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, NodeJS, and many more and looks forward to seeing you inside his courses and help you to become a professional web developer.

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