[FireShip] Modern JavaScript Full Course


[FireShip] Modern JavaScript Full CourseThe JavaScript Course teaches you how to build modern applications with vanilla JavaScript – no React, no TypeScript, no Frameworks – just plain old JavaScript.

🦄 What will I learn?

This course is focusd on the basics of JavaScript – the world’s most commonly used programming language. Here’s what you’ll get out of it…

  • 👶 The Basics of JavaScript
  • 👨‍🎤 Advanced concepts broken down in a quick no-BS format
  • 📰 Prepare for JS interviews by coding algorithms
  • 🧪 Test Driven Development with Vitest
  • ⚔️ Debugging and Error Handling
  • 🎨 Build a text-to-image API with Node.js and OpenAI
  • 🗯️ Learn modern browser APIs like Fetch
  • 🍕 A great primer for more advanced Fireship courses

🤔 Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is beginner level 🟢 and will walk you through the fundamentals of JavaScript. It is fast-paced and similar to my style on YouTube, but far more in-depth and with hands on projects and quizzes.


Jeff Delaney is a Google Developer Expert and the creator of fireship.io. When not writing code, he is out seeking adventure with his wife and 3 boys.

General Info:

Author(s): Jeff Delaney
Language: English
Updated: Nov 21st, 2022
Videos Duration: 1h 14m

Size: 345.59 MB

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