[Pluralsight] Eclipse for Java Developers


Eclipse for Java Developers


As a Java devEclipse is one of the most popular IDE for Java development, that every Java developer should know perfectly well. This course takes you through its most important features in very clear step by step demos, leaving no detail in dark corners.


eloper, mastering Eclipse helps you be a more efficient and more productive. In this course, Eclipse for Java Developers, you will learn some key features of Eclipse needed in all the Java applications. There are many details to know to properly configure Eclipse that are shown in this course in demos. First, you will learn how to use Maven to create, package, and deploy Java SE and EE applications. Next, you will see how to use Git without leaving Eclipse, including how to pull and fetch projects from GitHub, using Maven or not. Finally, you will see the full life-cycle of the creation of a Java EE application, including the debug phase in a Tomcat server, both local and remote. These are daily tasks for every Java developer using Eclipse. By the end of this course you will be able to leverage the most powerful features Eclipse has to offer.

Created By Jose Paumard
Date: 4-5-2018
Updated Date: 4-5-2018
Level: Intermediate

Size: 645.5 MB

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