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[DecodedFrontend] Angular Interview HackingAbout

Be prepared for the upcoming Angular Interview and increase a chance to get the desired job offer

Why You Should Consider it

Enrolling in this course may dramatically increase your chance to get a job offer for a position you always wanted and this is how the course can help you with it


Get ready for the upcoming Angular Interview and increase your chance of getting your desired job offer. This course can greatly increase your chances of getting a job offer for the position you’ve always wanted.

What You’ll Learn:

– An ever-growing database of the most popular interview questions (over 90 questions)
– Detailed answers to questions with code examples
– Illumination of possible additional questions
– Possible RxJS and TypeScript questions included
– Recommendations from an instructor who was on both sides as interviewer and interviewee
– Questions cover junior, intermediate and senior levels


Dmytro Mezhenskyi, Google Developer Expert in Angular | Author of Decoded Frontend

My name is Dmytro Mezhenskyi. I have been working as a Frontend Developer since 2012 and I have experience with different projects, different scales, and frameworks. In 2020 I decided to run my YouTube channel “Decoded Frontend” about Web Development where I share my knowledge. Teaching has inspired me a lot and I decided to continue with it also on other platforms in order to help hundreds of people to be better developers.

General Info:

Author(s): Dmytro Mezhenskyi
Language: English
Updated: 2023
Videos Duration: 5h 23m

Size: 851 MB

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