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[Cloud Academy] Vim Masterclass - Learning PathAbout

This learning path covers the Vim text editor, covering a range of techniques and practices designed to get you up and running with Vim in no time! Each course within the learning path contains exercises that you can follow along with to ensure that you’ve understood the key concepts at a practical level. We also provide you with the resources necessary to get started straight away – all the materials used in this learning path can be downloaded here (Visit official page).

Learning Objectives:
– Understand what Vim is and what its benefits are
– Create, edit, and navigate around files with Vim
– Learn how to delete, yank, and put in Vim
– Learn how to insert, change, replace, and join text
– Search, find, and replace text using Vim
– Learn how text objects, macros, and vimrc files can help you save time
– Learn how to open up multiple files or multiple buffers, and navigate between them and view them at the same time using windows
– Use Vim Visual Mode
– Learn how to use the graphical user interface versions of Vim

Intended Audience
– This course is ideal for anyone who needs to edit files in a command-line environment.

– If you want to follow along with the exercises in this course, you should have the Vim text editor installed on your computer.

Skills you will gain

– Development
– Operating System
– Linux


Jason is the founder of the Linux Training Academy as well as the author of “Linux for Beginners” and “Command Line Kung Fu.” He has over 20 years of professional Linux experience, having worked for industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, UPS, FireEye, and Amazon.com. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than knowing he has helped thousands of IT professionals level up their careers through his many books and courses.

General Info:

Author(s): Jason Cannon
Language: English
Updated: 9/2023
Videos Duration: 10h

Size: 4.21 GB

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