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Learn motion design using Figma from a design industry pro. You’ll learn way more than just motion design principles and theory. This projects-based course will teach you how to use motion to take your designs (and portfolio) to the next level.

Course Details

We guarantee you this is the most comprehensive online course on Motion Design using Figma. Micro-interactions, animations, creating beautiful UX/UI, and so much more! You will learn modern Motion Design principles and best practices by actually building real-world design projects in Figma step-by-step alongside a design industry pro.

This motion design course is going to give you the skills that will make you stand out from other designers, be recognized as a top designer and allow you to charge a lot of money for your time. We aren’t talking about competiting for $5/hour designing logos on random freelancing websites. You will be able to charge at least 10x-20x that after completing this course.

By enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom so that you’ll be learning and designing alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors.

Most importantly, you will be learning from (and with) Daniel, a design industry professional that has actual real-world experience as a lead product designer working for top companies all over the world.

Using the latest best practices in motion design, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), this course focuses on efficiently teaching you all about building professional interactions, animations and motion graphics for all your future web and mobile app projects.

We will be using Figma and Figma Smart Animate to accomplish this because it is now the #1 tool used by the top modern designers. Figma is replacing all outdated design tools of the past (we’re talking about you Adobe After Effects).

We also provide all Figma files, premium design templates, and assets in this course for you, so you can keep and use them when you work with all your future clients!

The curriculum is very hands on. Daniel takes you step-by-step from start to finish to becoming a Motion Designer that can build your own beautiful, professional projects.

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What you’ll learn

• Use Figma like a pro to do User Interface Design, User Experience Design (UX/UI), Web Design and Mobile App Design
• Learn the principles of Motion Design, the design process, best practices, and prototyping your projects for your customers and clients
• Learn to add Motion Graphics and Animations to your projects
• Learn Motion Design using Figma
• Learn to use Smart Animate in Figma
• Micro-interactions, animations, transitions, parallax,
• Create your own professional design portfolio by the end of the course (we provide everything for you to customize!)
• Learn Motion Design by actually building real-world projects alongside a design industry pro that you can add to make your design portfolio stand out
• Learn UI/UX best practices using the latest trends in the industry

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

• A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection. That’s it!
• No prior knowledge is required. You will learn everything from scratch
• A willingness and enthusiasm to learn and take action
• Not required but if you want to learn more than just motion design with Figma and want a step-by-step guide to go from complete beginner to getting hired as a designer making $100K+ a year, take our Web & Mobile Designer Career Path (which includes this course)

Who is this course for?

• Anyone interested in learning Motion Design and learning about the power of Figma and what you can create with this amazing tool
• Anyone who wants to get hired as a Web Designer, Mobile Designer, UI/UX Designer and stand out from other candidates
• Anyone who wants to become a Full-time or Freelance Motion Designer
• Freelance Designers who want to be able to charge more money and create a more impressive portfolio that helps you get more clients
• Web Developers and Mobile Developers wanting to add another valuable skill to their tool belt
• Anyone who wants to learn about the latest Motion Design practices to build modern and beautiful applications
• Students who are frustrated with their current progress with other motion design tutorials out there that don’t go beyond the basics and don’t give you real-world practice or skills you need to actually get hired.

About Instructor

Hi! I’m Daniel.
Head of Product Design & Instructor

Daniel is a multi faceted designer and design leader with over 7 years of experience working for some world-class companies.

His expertise expands across multiple design disciplines including User Experience, Visual Design, User Research, Product Strategy, Lean and Agile Design Methodologies and much more.

Daniel has always been passionate about teaching by sharing his experience and empowering other designers. He has helped to grow and mentor many new designers in their careers and is now here to do the same for you as the very first Design Instructor at the Zero to Mastery Academy.

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