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[FrontendMasters] Complete Intro to React, v8About

In addition to updating all tools to the latest and greatest versions, Complete Intro to React v8 has restructured the workshop to focus more on teaching you the fundamentals of React without sacrificing any tool instructions.

Learn to build real-world applications using modern React 18.x+! Much more than an intro, you’ll start from the ground up, getting to using the latest features in React, including hooks, effects, context, and portals. Throughout the course, you’ll piece together tools from the entire React ecosystem (like Vite, ESLint, TailwindCSS, React Router, and React Query) to build a complete application to browse adoptable pets!


Key Features

– Explore the latest APIs such as hooks, suspense, and effects.
– Learn how to build production-ready React apps.
– Learn the tools you need to package client applications.
– Learn how to use tools like Prettier and ESLint to keep your code quality high.
– Learn how to write React with and without JSX to understand how React works.
– Explore the various React lifecycles to be able to coordinate AJAX requests and integrate with third party libraries.
– Learn how to write a single page application using the new Reach Router.



Brian Holt

Brian is currently working as a product manager on dev tools at Stripe and he’s all about developers, developers, developers. Previously he was a JavaScript engineer at Netflix, Microsoft and Reddit. When not working, Brian finds time to teach on Frontend Masters, run his mouth on Front End Happy Hour, travel all over the world, and play with his adorable dog. Brian is currently a resident of Seattle, WA.


General Info:

Author(s): Brian Holt
Language: English
Released: 12/2022
Videos Duration: 5h 50m 53s

Size : 1.22 GB

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