[Academind Pro] Remix.js – The Practical Guide


[Academind Pro] Remix.js - The Practical GuideLearn how to build rich & highly reactive fullstack React applications with Remix.

Remix is a strongly growing React framework that (vastly!) simplifies the process of building rich, interactive fullstack React applications and websites.

With Remix, backend and frontend code work seamlessly together and as a developer, you don’t have to worry about managing multiple, separated projects or codebases. Instead, you implement your backend logic next to your frontend code and let Remix handle the rest.

In this course, you will learn how to build fullstack React.js applications and websites with Remix from the ground up. All key concepts are covered in-depth and taught step-by-step, slowing building up on each other. By the end of this course you will therefore be able to build your own Remix fullstack websites!

As part of this course, you will build two major demo projects, including an “Expenses Management Website” where users can signup, manage their expenses and view expense analytics. As part of this project, you will learn how to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations with Remix and how to connect your React app to a database.

In general, in this course, the following concepts are covered in great detail:

  • What Remix is & how it works
  • Remix vs NextJS
  • Adding routes and pages
  • Working with nested routes
  • Managing (potentially nested) layouts
  • Combining pages with non-page components
  • Styling pages and components
  • Fetching data (also for nested pages)
  • Submitting data – via forms & programmatically
  • Handling data submissions on the backend
  • Storing data in databases & fetching data from databases
  • Validating user input
  • Authenticating users (signup & login)
  • Managing sessions via cookies
  • Optimizing Remix applications
  • Deploying Remix applications
  • And much more!

Size: 1.21 GB

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