[CodeRed] End To End Mobile Security


[CodeRed] End To End Mobile Security

A comprehensive dive into the world of mobile security

Course Overview

The more that we become connected the more we need to be conscious of mobile security. Contacts, emails, passwords, location data, confidential documents, photos, etc. are all contained on our phones and thus are a prime target for malicious hackers and leaked data. It is critical to understand how to secure our mobile devices and learn best practices.

What You Will Learn

• Identifying potential vulnerabilities with your mobile device
• How to identify phishing emails, bad links, etc.
• Tracking a lost device
• Security through a MDM
• Making your connection private
• Encrypted communications

About Instructor

Jeff Minakata has worked in the IT industry for over 19 years. He holds various cybersecurity certifications, networking certifications, and engineering certifications. Jeff has also written OSINT and ethical hacking articles for Hackin9 and eForensics magazine.

Jeff currently works on the computer networking side and teaches ethical hacking, OSINT, and cybersecurity online (Udemy bestseller and highest rated). He is passionate about helping people understand OSINT, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity.

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