[O’REILLY] Learning Path: Spring and Spring Boot Fundamentals, 3rd Edition


What is this learning path about, and why is it important?

For many developers, Spring is the go-to framework for quickly and easily creating web-based enterprise applications. With its comprehensive ecosystem that includes an extensive array of tools and testing capabilities, Spring relieves developers of much of the drudge work when building out web-based, RESTful applications. Spring Boot helps out even further by enabling autoconfiguration of many of the tedious chores that you need to do when starting a new project.

In this learning path, designed for basic- to intermediate-level web application developers, you’ll examine the Spring approach to development as you explore the fundamentals that drive this powerful application framework. You’ll see how to build applications from scratch and then test and manage those applications. You’ll also look at Spring’s Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework as well as ways to save your data using the JdbcTemplate, JPA support, and Spring Data framework. When you’ve completed this learning path, you’ll be well on your way to being able to rapidly create web-based, RESTful services and applications.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

• How to create new applications with Spring
• How to build web applications using Spring’s MVC framework
• How to create executable RESTful web services
• How to persist data using Spring’s JdbcTemplate, JPA support, and Spring Data framework
• How to do transactional tests for your system

This learning path is for you because…

• You’re a developer who wants to write web apps or REST-based services
• You have a Java background (or other related language) and want to work with Spring
• You’re interested in the Spring ecosystem of projects


• You should be comfortable with Java, either through training or equivalent experience
• Some knowledge of web development techniques using a Model-View-Controller framework would be helpful, but is not required
• Familiarity with persistence mechanisms for object-relational persistence (ORM), especially with tools like Hibernate, would be helpful

Materials or downloads needed in advance: None

General Info:

Author: Ken Kousen
Language: English
Released: November 2021
Duration: 4h 4m

Size: 7.95 GB

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