[Pluralsight] Reading, Writing And Parsing JSON Files In Python


Manipulating JSON files is essential to importing and processing JSON data in Python. This course teaches you to apply the most valuable and common JSON data and file operations available with the Python standard library.

What you’ll learn

The Python standard library has several methods which contain a series of classes for handling files and are part of several built in modules, such as os, path, and pathlib. The Python standard library is among the top libraries that every Python developer must know and master. In this course, Reading, Writing and Parsing JSON Files in Python, you’ll learn the skills and practices you need to work and manipulate JSON data and files in Python easily.

First, you’ll explore how to import JSON data from a web API and a URL using Python modules. Next, you’ll discover how to import JSON data from a file and describe its format. Finally, you’ll learn to read, and parse JSON data and files using Python. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Reading, Writing, and Parsing JSON Files in Python needed to work successfully with JSON data and files using Python.


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