[React Bootcamp] The React Bootcamp By Reed Barger



Learn a React from basics to advanced concepts, build 4 amazing full-stack apps, and become a professional developer.

What Will You Learn?

Learn everything you need to know in the modern React landscape.

After taking this bootcamp, you will be able to…

• Become confident with all the essential parts of the React library for 2021
• Master a powerful stack of technologies including GraphQL, Apollo, and Material UI
• Build & deploy an amazing full-stack, production-ready React app (+ 3 others)
• Become an in-demand React developer in just 5-6 weeks
• Build next-level fullstack apps with React + GraphQL
• Effortlessly manage app state with React Context + Hooks
• Master authentication best practices with React components
• Add custom app features using React Hooks
• Replace difficult state management libraries with Apollo Client
• Securely authenticate users in your React apps
• Upload media + image content with React + axios
• Create and work with full-scale GraphQL APIs using Hasura + Apollo
• Making impressive interfaces with React on all-sized devices
• Build & deploy a mind-blowing clone of the official Instagram app from scratch
• Still reading? ? This isn’t even HALF the skills you’ll learn…

Who Is This Course For?

This course was custom-made for ambitious developers, who:

• Want to gain next-level React skills and rapidly increase their value as a developer.
• Want to learn the complete process to make real-world React apps to create epic apps on their own.
• Aren’t satisfied with the courses and tutorials out there (that don’t teach how to make something beyond a boring todo app).
• Know HTML, CSS, and JS already, but want a truly exciting challenge to level-up their skills.
• Want to learn all of the skills to become an effective React developer while having fun along the way.

Size: 4.82 GB

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