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237-minute Python Course

About this Course

When it comes to Python web frameworks, the elephant (pony?) in the room is Django. Let’s explore this framework and build the prototype of an e-learning site. We’ll look into Django’s admin, ORM, migrations, and template system. In the end, you’ll have a project you can use to explore even more of the Django world.

What you’ll learn
Django’s project and app structure
Django’s ORM and migrations

Say Hello to Django
Before we can build anything, we need to get Django installed, start our project, and learn some key concepts.

What a View!
With Django installed and a project started, we’ll dive into views, URLs, and how to start an app

Model Administration
We want to be able to hold data in our application so we need to create at least one model. And once we have a model, we’re going to want to be able to create instances of it. Django’s ORM and Admin to the rescue!

Django Templates
No application is complete without some sort of user-facing interface. Let’s see how to add and use HTML templates in our Django projects. We’ll also explore using CSS assets in our project.

Final Details
Our app could use another view and a bit more information for each step. We can add those and finally get some things linked up with a handy new tag.

Test Time
Good applications work. Great applications work and have tests to prove it. Let’s see about testing our models, views, urls, and templates

Created By Kenneth Love

Duration 237m


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