[Pluralsight] Ethical Hacking: Hacking Wireless Networks


[Pluralsight] Ethical Hacking: Hacking Wireless NetworksAbout

Wireless provides one of the biggest attack vectors for hackers. This course will teach you how to secure wireless networks needed for the [CEH 312-50] exam.


Wireless technologies have changed our world, but it’s also given hackers another attack vector . In this course, Ethical Hacking: Wireless Hacking, you’ll learn to look at your wireless infrastructures the way attackers do and what you can do to protect your organization using the skills of an Ethical Hacker. First, you’ll explore the concepts of wireless technologies, from transmission types to antenna types. Next, you’ll discover the threats and methodologies used by hackers to attack your networks. Finally, you’ll learn how to [protect your wireless infrastructures with countermeasures. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of ethical hacking needed for the [CEH 312-50] exam.


• Intermediate

About Author

Dale Meredith has been a Certified Ethical Hacker/Instructor EC-Council for the past 15 years, and Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 20 years. Dale also has an additional 7 years of senior IT management experience and worked as a CTO for a popular ISP provider. Dale’s expertise is in explaining difficult concepts and ensuring his students have an actionable knowledge of the course material. Straddling the line of fun and function, Dale’s instruction is memorable and entertaining. Dale’s knowledge and understanding of current trends in technology and applications have led to many opportunities, such as: training various Inc 500 companies, universities, and Divisions of the Department of Homeland Security for the United States government. Along with authoring for Pluralsight, consulting, and IT classroom training, you can catch Dale on stage speaking at IT conferences, helping IT teams keep their companies safe, relevant, and “breach” aware. Outside of the professional sphere, Dale spends quite a bit of his time giving back by speaking at adult and youth non-profit community gatherings and posting on his ‘Dale Dumbs IT Down’ social media sites. Dale uses these speaking engagements and social media sites to ‘Dumb Down IT’ concepts with the intent to help everyone be safe and smart with their technology and personal devices. Dale also specializes in Active Directory, Exchange Server, IIS, PowerShell, SharePoint, System Center/Desktop Deployment, and Private Cloud.

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