[MasterClass] – Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning Mindset


[MasterClass] – Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning MindsetWorld racing champion Lewis Hamilton teaches you how to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for victory in your own life.


Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning Mindset is a training course on winning-mindedness published by Masterclass Academy. MasterClass is an online learning academy that takes a different approach than other online learning platforms. This collection invites prominent and expert people in various fields such as art, science, literature, cooking, sports, etc. and asks them to share their experiences and points of view. The instructor of this training course is Lewis Hamilton, the legendary driver of Formula One races, who has won the race 7 times so far. The winning mentality and way of thinking is reflected in all the different aspects of a person, such as his intelligence, physical and mental physique, and puts the person on the verge of victory.

Lewis Hamilton managed to surpass all competitors as a novice driver and broke the legendary Michael Schumacher’s record by winning 7 times. In the educational series, he will share his experiences with you and will talk about various topics such as goal setting, planning, coping with fear, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, facing challenges, achieving maximum progress, and so on.

What you will learn in Lewis Hamilton Teaches a Winning Mindset

  • Create a winning mentality and mindset
  • Targeting and planning
  • Dealing with failures and fear of failure
  • Turn negative thoughts into positive
  • Mental preparation and optimization of physical physique for maximum performance
  • Practice order
  • Teamwork and management of team members

Course specifications

Publisher: MasterClass
Instructors: Lewis Hamilton
Language: English
Category: Sports & Gaming
Number of Lessons: 12
Duration: 2 hours and 12 minutes

Size: 5.72 GB

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