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[TylerMcGinnis] React Fundamentals

For good reason, React Router is the most popular 3rd party library in the React ecosystem. If you’re using React, odds are you’re also using React Router. React Router v4 introduced a new dynamic, component based approach to routing. If you’re used to static routing (like in Express, Angular, or Ember), this new paradigm might be difficult to grasp. The goal of this course is to tackle every scenario you might encounter when building an app with React Router so that when the time comes, you’re ready. With over six hours of video, 18 different routing scenarios, and an entire real world project you’ll build, we can confidently say this course is the most comprehensive and effective way to learn React Router.


A solid understanding of React and ES2015+ or our “React Fundamentals” course.

What you’ll learn

Philosophy of React Router v4
URL Parameters
Client side routing
Nested Routes
Programatically navigating
Redirects (Authentication)
404 Pages
Ambiguous Matches
Redux Integration
Passing props to Link
Route Configs
Custom Link components
Preventing transitions
Passing props to Router components
Query Strings
Recursive Paths
Server Rendering
Code Splitting
Animated Transitions

Who is this course for?

  • Newcomers to React Router who want to better understand how to utilize React Router’s component based API
  • Experienced developers who want to better understand React Router’s abstraction
  • Advanced developers who are looking how to code split their React and React Router apps
  • Developers wanting to leverage URL parameters with React Router
  • Developers wanting to understand the differences between different client side routing techniques like hash history and HTML5 history
  • Developers looking to learn how to set up nested routes with React Router
  • Advanced developers wanting to learn about server rendering a React app with React Router
  • Developers looking to create sidebar or breadcrumb navigation with React Router
  • Developers wanting to add animated transitions to their routes
  • Developers looking how to integrate Redux with React Router
  • Developers wanting to how to programatically navigate with React Router and the different use cases of Redirect and history.push

Size: 1.95 GB

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