[TradersLibrary] The Complete Guide to Technical Indicators


[TradersLibrary] The Complete Guide to Technical Indicators


Traders have used the power of technical indicators to put significant gains in their account. Now you can easily carve through the hundreds of indicators and get right to the ones that make money most often and help you achieve success in trading. In this comprehensive guide to cracking the code of technical indicators, best-selling author and acclaimed presenter, Mark Larson, shows you how to find the indicators that best fit your trading style and reveals which indicators work in which markets. With this experience, you will have the power to increase your winning percentage, no matter what the market does.

With over 6 hours of material and a complete online manual, you will be armed to take profits from the market with:

-A clear understanding of the different types of indicators to know which one to use and when to apply it,
-The critical elements of indicators—support and resistance, moving averages, volume—so you will master why they work and choose the right one for the right trade,
-In-depth strategies for using Bollinger Bands, when the Bands are showing you good trades and when they are telling you to stay away,
-How to use the rate of change to pinpoint when to enter and when to exit for the biggest upside,
-How to use MACD in wide swinging markets where it is most effective at revealing big moves before they happen,
-When Stochastics are better then any other tool and how to use it to capitalize on potential profits,
-Which indicator can confirm a trend and reduce or remove guess work from your trading plan,
-How to tell when a trend is about to reverse so you can tighten your stops or get out with your profits.

Larson hands over his trading expertise with detailed examples of how these indicators work AND real world examples that show the patterns unfold. If you are using technical indicators now, this will reveal new ways to sharpen the accuracy of your trades. If you are eager to learn about these powerful tools, you will have all you need to get started with an enlightening course that takes you all the way to realizing the gains that are waiting for you.

Author – Larson, Mark
Released Date – 6/1/2007
Duration – 360 Minutes

Size: 3.45 GB

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