[Tech Interview Mastery] Master The Voding Interview


[Tech Interview Mastery] Master The Voding Interview

Learn what it takes to get offers from top tech companies


Struggling With Coding Interviews?

I know how you feel. As a self-taught programmer trying to break into the industry, I had a lot harder time than most. I had no one I knew in tech that could help me with the interviewing process. My interviewing experience came as a result of countless failed interviews.

In fact, I’ve done almost 100 interviews so far in my career. As a result, I’ve learned what most companies are looking for in potential candidates. My failures taught me that interviewing is a skill, and like any skill, you can always improve.

The most common barrier I see that prevents people from getting better is a lack of mentorship, direction, and fundamentals. I’ve wasted so much time if only I knew what I know now I would’ve fast-tracked my job search.

As I became more skilled in interviewing, I tried my hand in helping others prep for their interviews. I guided candidates through the interview process and shared my knowledge. And, to my surprise, they were getting offers. I realized that I have a passion not only for tech but also for helping others succeed.

After struggling for so long, I’ve decided to distill my knowledge into this course. My goal is that I may teach others and provide the support I wish I had when I first started. This program covers all topics every candidate should know to not only succeed in their interviews but also their careers.

Now is the time to invest in yourself.

Tech Interview Mastery is different from most other coding prep sites in that we cover all relevant topics to coding interviews, not just algorithms and data structures.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all major topics you need to know for the coding interview. Our goal is simple, to help you succeed, and we focus on various topics to help get you there, not only the technical ones.

We cover algorithms, data structures, system design, behavioral questions, resume tips and much more.

Our curriculum is structured in a way you can easily follow along, learning key concepts to build upon.

Learn to Solve Real Problems

This course contains a plethora of real-life coding questions, we cover all the major data structures and give an in-depth breakdown of the solutions.

We make sure that you take away valuable techniques with each question, so you can build up your knowledge and develop new approaches to common coding problems.

So not only are you learning key techniques for approaching coding questions but are also exposing yourself to questions you might be asked during a real coding interview.

Salary Negotiation + Soft Skills

Aside from being technically competent, a good candidate needs to have various soft skills to help give them that extra edge. You’ll learn how to sell yourself, articulate your ideas and other non-technical skills.

We also cover salary negotiation, which is a valuable life skill that will benefit you for the rest of your career.

Learn Algorithms

You will learn some of the most common algorithms encountered in coding interviews and more importantly, learn the techniques behind them, so you can approach any problem with confidence!

• Arrays & Strings
• Dynamic Programming
• Hash Tables
• Linked Lists
• Stacks
• Big O
• Graphs
• Hashing Functions
• Queues
• Trees
• Binary Search
• Greedy Algorithms
• Heap
• Recursion
• Tries

Learn System Design

System design is common in most coding interviews nowadays. We provide an in-depth framework for approaching system design questions.

• Approaching System Design
• Database Indexes
• Load Balancers
• SQL vs. NoSQL
• Design WhatsApp
• Caching
• Database Partitioning
• Replication
• Design Uber Backend
• Design Netflix
• CAP Theorem
• Estimation & Constraints
• Redundancy
• Design Auto Suggestion
• Other Common Questions

About Instructor

Matt Guest, Hi there! I’m a self-taught software developer with experience working in small and large companies alike. I’ve received offers from several well-known companies and currently work at Amazon.

After doing countless coding interviews, and learning from my mistakes, I’ve become quite familiar with the technical interview process. After helping several candidates prep and succeed in their coding interviews, I was inspired to bring my knowledge to the masses, hence Tech Interview Mastery was born.

My goal is to help others succeed with their technical interviews and have done my best to compile the most fundamental concepts a candidate needs to pass their interviews and succeed in their careers.


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