[TeamTreeHouse] How the Web Works


[TeamTreeHouse] How the Web Works

35-minute Digital Literacy Course

About this Course

In order to surf the world wide web, you need an application called a web browser. You’re probably familiar with this, you might even be learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to program for the web, but have you ever looked into how it works?In this course, we’ll dissect each aspect of how the web works. You’ll learn about URLs, domain names, IP addresses, the domain name system, and the HTTP protocol, to be fully prepared for web development or just a more knowledgeable web user.

What you’ll learn

  • How the Web Works
  • URLs
  • Domain Names
  • IP addresses
  • The Domain Name System
  • HTTP and HTTPS

The World Wide Web
A domain name is part of a URL, which is just a human-friendly IP address. Domain name servers connect domain names with IP addresses so you don’t have to. Clients and servers communicate using the HTTP protocol over an application called a web browser. If I’m moving too fast for you just let me know, or better yet, take this course!

Created By Joy Kesten
Duration 35m

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