[TeamTreeHouse] Django Class-based Views


[TeamTreeHouse] Django Class-based Views

134-minute Python Course

About this Course

Django view functions are simple and easy to use but sometimes you find yourself repeating a lot of the same work over and over. Luckily, Django also offers a way to create views as classes which can lead to cleaner, more reusable code. Class-based views have a lot of nooks and crannies, though, so let us show you around this powerful tool!

What you’ll learn
Class-based views
Generic views

Classy Views
Django class-based views are a great way to avoid repeating yourself. They provide a shortcut to common functionality but they’re not the easiest thing to wrap your head around. Let me help you get a grip on this Django feature.

Customizing Class-based Views
Class-based views wouldn’t be nearly as useful if you couldn’t tweak them to meet your needs. I’ll show you how to combine view classes, use Django’s provided mixins, and more to get just the view you need.

Created By
Kenneth Love
Duration :134m


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