[TeamTreeHouse] CSS Transitions and Transforms


[TeamTreeHouse] CSS Transitions and Transforms

185-minute CSS Course

About this Course

CSS transitions and transforms can create simple animations that enhance user interactions in websites and apps. In this course, you’ll build an interactive image gallery using CSS transitions and transforms.

You’ll use transition properties to define durations, delays, and easing functions. Then, you’ll learn how to rotate, scale, and move elements in 2D and 3D space, with CSS transforms.

What you’ll learn

  • Transition properties
  • Transform properties
  • 3D transforms
  • Cubic-bezier

Getting Started with CSS Transitions
CSS transitions provide a way to control property changes over a given duration. Learn basic CSS transition properties that define a duration and the property (or properties) you want to transition.

Transition Timing Functions and Delays
Learn transition properties for varying a transition’s speed and start time.

Getting Started with CSS Transforms
CSS transforms visually manipulate content by rotating, scaling, skewing and moving elements in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space.

Adding 3D Effects with CSS
3D transforms are an extension of 2D transforms. 3D transform properties add depth to elements on the page by introducing a Z-axis where elements can translate, rotate and scale within a 3D perspective.

Created By Guil Hernandez
Duration 185m

Size: 360.92 MB

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