[TeamTreeHouse] Build a JavaFX Application


[TeamTreeHouse] Build a JavaFX Application

189-minute Java Course

About this Course

JavaFX is the de facto way to make Graphical User Interfaces (or GUIs) in Java. It is robust and customizable, and getting familiar with its APIs will expose many application design best practices.

What you’ll learn

  • JavaFX fundamentals
  • Client based application layout
  • Event driven application development

Graphical User Interfaces
Graphical User Interfaces, or GUIs, (pronounced gooeys) are how client based applications interact.

Design a Better App
Separating design from logic is key to making scalable and reusable applications.

Build a Pomodoro App
This stage introduces the project we will be building during the course, a Pomodoro timer.

It’s About Time
Event driven design is an important concept to grasp, and allows for all sorts of interactions from clicking and timing in client side applications.

Created By Craig Dennis
Duration 189m

Size: 616.89 MB

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