[TCM] Practical API Hacking


Everything you need to start hacking APIs.

Course Overview

Practical API Hacking provides you with everything you need to start hacking APIs. This course was designed for beginners and those familiar with web application hacking but want to expand their skill set.

The course covers industry-standard tools such as Burp Suite and Postman, and how to find and exploit vulnerabilities common to applications powered by APIs. Throughout the course there are demonstration labs to help you understand the theory, and challenges to make sure you get hands-on experience too.


– A machine capable of running Kali Linux.
– Basic knowledge of how web applications work.

Learning Objectives

– Understand how APIs work.
– Understand how to enumerate API endpoints.
– Understand common vulnerabilities in API-driven applications.
– Perform successful attacks against vulnerable API endpoints.


Alex is a Web Application Security specialist with experience working across multiple sectors, from single-developer applications all the way up to enterprise web apps with tens of millions of users. He enjoys building applications almost as much as breaking them and has spent many years supporting the shift-left movement by teaching developers, infrastructure engineers, architects, and anyone who would listen about cybersecurity.

Alex holds a Master’s Degree in Computing, as well as CEH and OSCP certifications.

General Info:

Author(s): Alexon
Language: English
Updated: 2023
Videos Duration: 6h

Size: 2.74 GB

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