[Skillshare] How to Make an Animated YouTube Video


[Skillshare] How to Make an Animated YouTube Video

About This Class

Hi there! I’m Evan, creator of the YouTube channel PolyMatter.

The most frequent question I get is “How do you make your videos?”, which is a great question and deserving of a short course. The good news is that no part of the process is incredibly difficult, and I’m here to help you learn the basics, from picking a topic, to research, to animation.

This is intended as an introduction, and by the end of this course, you could have your first video uploaded to YouTube!

  • Please feel free to ask questions, experiment, and let me know if there are topics you’d like covered in more detail. I want this class to be the best it can be, so don’t be afraid to offer suggestions.
  • You don’t need any paid software to get started. I use apps like Affinity Designer, Bear, and Ulysses, all of which are free, have free trials, or have good free alternatives.
  • The video lessons also have notes I’ve added with links and comments – you can see them by clicking on them in the video player.

Project Description

Practice is incredibly important, and it can also be fun! Here are some ideas:

  • RECOMMENDED: Design Graphics – If you already have a script, turn it into a graphical scene, export it as a PNG or JPEG, and post it here on Skillshare where you can get feedback. Alternatively, make your own graphical interpretation of the following line: “Amazon is even getting into the pharmaceutical and education businesses” 
  • Compose an Entire Video – Feeling really motivated? Why not go through the whole course and follow along with your own topic, research, and script. By the end you can upload your video file to YouTube and post the link here for feedback.
  • Write a First Draft Script – A great place to start is with the fundamentals. The script is the skeleton of the entire video, it makes or breaks the whole project. For that reason, it’s perhaps the most important to practice and master. Take a topic you’re interested in, write a script, edit it as much as you can, then post it here for feedback!

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