[TeamTreeHouse] Introducing ES2015


[TeamTreeHouse] Introducing ES2015

112-minute JavaScript Course

About this Course

Learn the basics of the ECMAScript 2015, also known as ES6, JavaScript standard. JavaScript has come a long way since it’s inception in 1995. The ECMAScript 2015 specification brought a lot of improvements, the largest set of changes the language has seen to-date.

In this course, we’ll review some of the new features and demonstrate how they can be used to build better JavaScript applications.

What you’ll learn

  • Variable declaration with let and const
  • Arrow Functions
  • Destructuring
  • Data Structures
  • Classes

ES2015 Basics
Because JavaScript has a hard requirement to be backwards compatible with older specifications, you can safely continue using what you already know today. However, ES2015 comes with helpful features, like variable and function scoping, which are common in other programming languages.

In this stage, we’ll look at the new let and const variable declarations as well as play with string functions new to the language.

The Cooler Parts of ES2015
ES2015 brought a bunch of cool features to JavaScript. In this stage, we’ll review valuable features like Lexical scoping (which ‘this’ is this?), Rest Parameters, Spread Operators, Oh My!

Objects and New Collection Types
In this stage, we’ll look at a new way of composing an object, and review utility objects that make working with hashed data a whole lot simpler.

JavaScript has always had a prototype-based inheritance system and the introduction of classes does not change that. In this stage, we’ll review how to use the new class syntax to improve the readability of our code.

Created By Guil Hernandez
Duration 112m

Size: 352.25 MB

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