[React Training] Learn React Hooks By Building A Real Application


[React Training] Learn React Hooks By Building A Real Application


Learn React Hooks by creating the key features of a realistic app. After teaching thousands + people, we packed it all into one course!

First level

If all you’ve done is the official React guide, then you’re ready for this course. We’ll start with the basics and work through the hook basics pretty quickly.

Intermediate / Advanced

If you’re a seasoned React developer, there is no better way to get comfortable with Hooks and their implications for your code and team than this course. You will gain invaluable insight into how hooks can help you create great abstractions for your team that will work in new and mature codebases.

We teach the concept using real code and then pass it on to you to do the exercise yourself – that’s where the real learning takes place. When you’re done, we’ll solidify your understanding by delving deeper into the concepts of video tutorials with solutions.

• React’s Fundamental Composition Model
• All new Hooks
• Effects
• Composing and sharing non-visual behavior
• Loading data and caching
• Managing the state of the entire application
• Real-time updates and subscriptions
• Client Authentication
• Performance analysis and optimization
• Animation

Size: 1.69 GB

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