[Pluralsight] LPI DevOps Tools Engineer Certification


[Pluralsight] LPI DevOps Tools Engineer CertificationPrepare for the LPIC DevOps Tools Engineer Certification exam by learning about the philosophy of DevOps and commonly-used DevOps tools.

What you’ll learn

The DevOps movement has entered the maturity stage in Information Technology. The philosophy behind DevOps is well understood at this point, and more and more tools are being developed to enable the implementation of that philosophy. This course will prepare the prospective engineer for the LPIC DevOps Tools Engineer Certification exam. We’ll take a broad look at a large number of tools commonly used in DevOps environments and gain a better understanding of how they enable DevOps in any enterprise environment.

Course Info

Level : Professional
Last updated : Feb 01, 2022
Duration : 8h 27m

Size: 1.92 GB

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