[Pluralsight] Data Security with OpenSSL


[Pluralsight] Data Security with OpenSSLIn this course, you will learn the setup, configuration, and validation of OpenSSL in an enterprise environment.

What you’ll learn

Data protection-in-transit and software integrity verification are an important aspect of the data security framework of CSF. In this course, Data Security with OpenSSL, you’ll cover how to utilize OpenSSL to secure a live enterprise environment and protect customer and enterprise data. First, you’ll learn how to install, set up, verify, and configure the OpenSSL software as per your enterprise needs. Next, you’ll use OpenSSL CLI to create certificates to authenticate the software. Finally, you’ll simulate validation of a certificate using the OpenSSL CLI. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to identify, protect, detect, or respond to threats in your network systems.

Course info

Level : Intermediate
Updated : Aug 10, 2023
Duration : 36m

Size: 78.65 MB

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