[Pluralsight] JavaScript Best Practices


[Pluralsight] JavaScript Best Practices

Identify and prevent common problems and headaches in JavaScript by learning best practices. From syntax oddities, to async patterns, to callbacks, this course will help you walk through how to deal with some of JavaScript’s problem spots.


If you’ve ever experienced problems in JavaScript but don’t have the knowledge of how to fix them, this course is for you. In JavaScript Best Practices, you will learn best practices in several areas areas of JavaScript. First, you will look at syntax oddities in JavaScript, so you can understand the best way to write your JavaScript code, discovering where these issues arise and how to prevent them using strict mode. Next, you’ll learn how to deal with callbacks (the most confusing and error-prone part of JavaScript) and how to deal with them in a low-maintenance way. Finally, you will close out the course with a look at Node.js production practices and issues that could crop up due to cross-platform differences. By the end of this course, you will have the skills needed to prevent common issues in JavaScript, saving yourself time and energy while coding.

Created By Jonathan Mills
Date: 2016-04-05
Updated Date: 2016-04-05
Level: Intermediate

Size: 347.97 MB

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