[Pirple] The Node.js Master Class – No Frameworks, No NPM, No Dependencies


[SkillShare] The Node.js Master Class - No Frameworks, No NPM, No Dependencies

Build an MVC app, a REST API, and a CLI in plain Node JS (ES5 Javascript) with no NPM or 3rd-party libraries.

Build a RESTful API
We’re going to build a fully-functional JSON API. We’ll learn how to parse request-paths, payloads, headers, and query strings, and how to route processing to handlers. This will get you familiar with several key Node modules: “fs”, “http”, “crypto”, “lib”, “string-decoder” and “path”, to name a few.

Build a Web App GUI
Our app wouldn’t be complete without a frontend, so we’re going to build one from scratch. In doing so we’ll learn how to serve static assets from Node.js (CSS, images, and javascript files), and how to use Node to create complex templated views.

Build a CLI Application
Next we’re going to build a command-line application that takes user-inputs from the console, processes them, and writes outputs back out. This will get you acquainted with the “readline”, “events”, “TTY”, “V8”, and “OS” modules.

And much more!
Learn the history of Node.js then do a deep-dive on V8, and the Node.js internals. After you build your apps, learn to debug them and write unit and integration tests. Plus, use performance-tuning modules to prepare your app for scale.

Size: 1.91 GB

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