[Packtpub] Hands-on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) – Data Engineer


[Packtpub] Hands-on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) - Data Engineer

This course will give you in-depth practical knowledge of various components of GCP.


  • Understand major components of GCP
  • Understand Machine learning fundamentals
  • Get introduced to BigQuery
  • Know how to use TensorFlow on the Cloud
  • Learn about Hadoop and its cloud counterparts
  • Get basics set to be certified


Students who have enrolled for our previous courses on GCP had requested more in the series and hence this course is live. If you haven’t enrolled for our other courses, enroll today and start exploring more. This course is designed to give information about Google’ s Data Engineer certification but is not limited to just that. This course will give you in depth practical knowledge on various components of GCP. Enroll today and explore more

Style and Approach

This course is exclusively designed by Notez to teach about GCP in the most simplest way possible.

Created By Notez (Rent a Mind)
Released Date September 2018

Size: 2.77 GB

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