[PacktPub] Data Science Model Deployments and Cloud Computing on GCP [Video]


Google Cloud platform is one of the most rapidly growing cloud providers in the market today, making it an essential skill for aspiring cloud engineers and data scientists. This comprehensive course covers all major serverless components on GCP, providing in-depth implementation of machine learning pipelines using Vertex AI with Kubeflow, and Serverless PySpark using Dataproc, App Engine, and Cloud Run. The course offers hands-on experience using GCP services such as Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Google App Engine, and Vertex AI for custom model training and development, Kubeflow for workflow orchestration, and Dataproc Serverless for PySpark batch jobs.

The course starts with modern-day cloud concepts, followed by GCP trial account setup and Google Cloud CLI setup. You will then look at Cloud Run for serverless and containerized applications, and Google App Engine for serverless applications. Next, you will study cloud functions for serverless and event-driven applications. After that, you will look at data science models with Google App Engine and Dataproc Serverless PySpark. Finally, you will explore Vertex AI for the machine learning framework, and cloud scheduler and application monitoring. By the end of the course, you will be confident in deploying and implementing applications at scale using Kubeflow, Spark, and serverless components on Google Cloud.


Siddharth Raghunath

Siddharth Raghunath is a business-oriented engineering manager with a vast experience in the field of software development, distributed processing, and cloud data engineering. He has worked on different cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP as well as on-premise Hadoop clusters. He conducts seminars on distributed processing using Spark, real-time streaming and analytics, and best practices for ETL and data governance. He is passionate about coding and building optimal data pipelines for robust data processing and streaming solutions.

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Author(s): Siddharth Raghunath
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Released: May 2023
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