[O’REILLY] AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional


[O’REILLY] AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

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Nearly 4 Hours of Video Instruction

Cloud adoption is greater than ever. However, there is a shortage of skilled practitioners who not only can use the cloud, but can optimize it. DevOps is a catchall word for a series of behaviors that can dramatically increase the operational efficiency of the cloud. DevOps best practices include continuous integration, continuous delivery, Microservices, teamwork and collaboration, and monitoring.

This course covers the essentials of DevOps Professional on AWS and prepares a candidate to sit for the DevOps Professional Certification exam.


The AWS Certified Developer Complete Video Course focuses on the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Exam. The leader in cloud computing by market share, Amazon and their DevOps Professional certification allows you to demonstrate that you have mastered the essential skills of operationalizing a cloud.

Seven main categories are covered: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Overview; SDLC Automation; Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code; Monitoring and Logging; Policies and Standards Automation; Incident and Event Response; and High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery. The material focuses on teaching the concepts necessary to pass the exam and be competent as a DevOps practitioner on AWS.

About the Instructor

Noah Gift is a lecturer at UC Davis Graduate School of Management MSBA program, the Graduate Data Science program, MSDS, at Northwestern, the Data Science program at UC Berkeley, and the USF Health Informatics program. He is teaching and designing graduate Machine Learning, AI, Data Science courses, and consulting on Machine Learning and Cloud Architecture for students and faculty. These responsibilities include leading a multi-cloud certification initiative for students.

Noah has published nearly 100 technical publications, including books on subjects ranging from Cloud Machine Learning to DevOps. He has published more than100 technical publications, including three books on subjects ranging from Cloud Machine Learning to DevOps. Gift received an MBA from UC Davis, a M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Cal State Los Angeles, and a B.S. in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Currently, he consults startups and other companies on Machine Learning, Cloud Architecture and CTO-level consulting as the founder of Pragmatic AI Labs. His most recent book is Pragmatic AI: An Introduction to Cloud-Based Machine Learning(Pearson, 2018).

Skill Level

  • Intermediate

What You Will Learn

  • Perform DevOps tasks on AWS
  • Use SDLC automation to solve DevOps problems on AWS
  • Perform Monitoring tasks on the AWS platform
  • Use IaC (Infrastructure as Code) to deploy new environments
  • Optimize your score on the AWS DevOps Certification exam for the best outcome

Who Should Take This Course

  • DevOps Engineer who wants to understand how to operationalize Cloud workloads
  • Software Engineer who wants to ensure they have a mastery of DevOps terminology and practices on AWS
  • Machine Learning or Data Engineer who wants to solidify their knowledge on AWS DevOps practices
  • Product Manager who needs to understand the AWS DevOps lifecycle
  • Those new to DevOps and want to challenge themselves to obtain these skills in the cloud

Course Requirements


  • Experience developing code in at least one high-level programming language
  • Experience building highly automated infrastructures
  • Experience administering operating systems
  • Understanding of modern development and operations processes and methodologies

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.by Noah Gift
Released March 2020
Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional

Size: 1.01 GB

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