[Frontend Masters] CSS Foundations


Do you struggle to apply styles to your websites? Are you anxious when asked to turn a design into reality? Do you want to feel confident writing and debugging CSS? This course is for you! We’ll cover the foundations of CSS like color, typography, positioning, and z-index. We’ll also learn how to look at a visual design and turn that into code.

This course won’t cover more intermediate and advanced CSS topics like responsive layouts or animations, but will give you resources for continuing your learning journey in these areas. By understanding how CSS is applied to your elements and rendered in the browser, you’ll feel more confident as a frontend developer.

Some Key Takeaways!

By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn:

– Learn how CSS is rendered
– Learn about CSS inheritance
– Learn about CSS specificity and how styles are applied
– Learn the foundations of CSS (i.e. color, typography, size, position)
– Learn how to write modern, maintainable CSS with confidence


Anyone looking to learn or improve their CSS skills! I’ll be teaching this from the ground up so no prior CSS knowledge is necessary. If you have some experience with CSS, this course might teach you some of the foundational skills you never learned (i.e. specificity, inheritance).

Any Prerequisites?

– HTML basics
– JavaScript basics (helpful but not required)


Emma Bostian

Emma Bostian is an American Software Engineer at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. She is an instructor at Frontend Masters and Egghead.io, co-host of the Ladybug Podcast, and panelist on JSParty.

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