[Coursera] Deep Learning Specialization


[Coursera] Deep Learning Specialization


Neural Networks and Deep Learning, name of the training video series in the field of data and machine learning can be. These days, one of the educational topics, popular topics, learn deep or the same Deep Learning can be. This period, in fact, part of this knowledge. You in this course with learning the basics, and the basics of neural networks and deep learning with the concept of artificial intelligence, will be familiar. At the end of this course you can get systems with artificial intelligence high will implement and bring it to the stage run drive.

Also in this period tried so well, the concept and the performance of deep learning to pass on to you crafted. This course also can help you in finding an ideal job would also help. You with learning content and training available in this course for your career opportunities to well-prepared you will be. Finally, and with view all sessions and tutorials of this course, you can knowledge deep learning in development programs data use.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Dating principles with the basics of the topic deep learning
  • Learn how to build neural networks and use it
  • Improve programming skills in Python language
  • Familiarity with how to implement neural networks efficiently
  • Understand the key parameters in the architecture of a neural network
  • And…

Profile courses :


  • Build and train deep neural networks, identify key architecture parameters, implement vectorized neural networks and deep learning to applications

  • Train test sets, analyze variance for DL applications, use standard techniques and optimization algorithms, and build neural networks in TensorFlow

  • Build a CNN and apply it to detection and recognition tasks, use neural style transfer to generate art, and apply algorithms to image and video data

  • Build and train RNNs, work with NLP and Word Embeddings, and use HuggingFace tokenizers and transformer models to perform NER and Question Answering

    The Deep Learning Specialization is a foundational program that will help you understand the capabilities, challenges, and consequences of deep learning and prepare you to participate in the development of leading-edge AI technology.

    In this Specialization, you will build and train neural network architectures such as Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs, Transformers, and learn how to make them better with strategies such as Dropout, BatchNorm, Xavier/He initialization, and more. Get ready to master theoretical concepts and their industry applications using Python and TensorFlow and tackle real-world cases such as speech recognition, music synthesis, chatbots, machine translation, natural language processing, and more.

    AI is transforming many industries. The Deep Learning Specialization provides a pathway for you to take the definitive step in the world of AI by helping you gain the knowledge and skills to level up your career. Along the way, you will also get career advice from deep learning experts from industry and academia.

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