[Coursera] Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization


[Coursera] Data Structures and Algorithms SpecializationMaster Algorithmic Programming Techniques. Advance your Software Engineering or Data Science Career by Learning Algorithms through Programming and Puzzle Solving. Ace coding interviews by implementing each algorithmic challenge in this Specialization. Apply the newly-learned algorithmic techniques to real-life problems, such as analyzing a huge social network or sequencing a genome of a deadly pathogen.

What you will learn

  • Play with 50 algorithmic puzzles on your smartphone to develop your algorithmic intuition!  Apply algorithmic techniques (greedy algorithms, binary search, dynamic programming, etc.) and data structures (stacks, queues, trees, graphs, etc.) to solve 100 programming challenges that often appear at interviews at high-tech companies. Get an instant feedback on whether your solution is correct.

  • Apply the newly learned algorithms to solve real-world challenges: navigating in a Big Network  or assembling a genome of a deadly pathogen from millions of short substrings of its DNA.

  • Learn exactly the same material as undergraduate students in “Algorithms 101” at top universities and more! We are excited that students from various parts of the world are now studying our online materials in the Algorithms 101 classes at their universities. Here is a quote from the website of Professor Sauleh Eetemadi from Iran University of Science and Technology: “After examining syllabus and course material from top universities including Stanford, Princeton and MIT we have chosen to follow the Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization from UCSD…due to excellent course material and its practical approach.”

  • If you decide to venture beyond Algorithms 101, try to solve more complex programming challenges (flows in networks, linear programming, streaming algorithms, etc.) and complete an equivalent of a graduate course in algorithms!

Skills you will gain

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