[CodeRealProjects] Create UberEats with Python + Swift + Android


[CodeRealProjects] Create UberEats with Python + Swift + Android

Learn how to build your UberEats with Python + Swift + Android

Bying building a mobile app with a webapp dashboard. We will be building a comprehensive system for Food Delivery like UberEats, Doordash and Postmate.

In this project, I will walk you through steps to develop apps like UberEats with core functionalities from scratch. You don’t need to learn everything about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Swift or Android to just create an application.

In my methodology which I called POA (Product-Oriented-Approach), you just need to learn what you need. Doing this way, it won’t make you a superstar developer but will get you something REAL quickly and efficiently, especially for Entrepreneurs & Founders.

What are we building?

  • Food Ordering & Delivery – We are going to be building a system with:
  • A Webapp Dashboard for Restaurants.
  • A Mobile app (iOS/Android) for customers who order food.

Build Your Management Dashboard with Python 3 & Django:

  • Super Admin Dashboard to handle everything in the system
  • Sign in/Sign out process for Restaurants
  • Hosting the web app on Heroku
  • Page for Account information
  • Page for Restaurant to upload images and create Menu
  • Page for managing all Orders from Customer
  • Real-time notification when new orders coming in
  • Statistic bar charts and pie charts
  • Process to listen and response API requests from clients
  • Visa & Credit card process with Stripe
  • Real-time updating Drivers’s location on the Map.

What make this project so special?

2 Programming Languages in 1

Learning 2 popular & modern programming languages are in high demand in both startups and bigger companies – Python & Swift/Android

Web application + Mobile app

There are no other courses in the market cover both the skills and complexity to build a comprehensive system that has a mobile app working with a web app.

Anyone can learn this project

Newbies without knowledge of coding can definitely take this project as it is designed to cover the foundation of Python & Swift/Android as well as real practical skill sets.

Real-life Startup approach

We’ve going to clone the idea of UberEats, Doordash or Postmate but don’t limit yourself to that. With the principles, knowledge and programming skills in this project, you are absolutely able to apply what you learnt to any business idea.

Monetize this project

This is what we love most! $$$ <3. While it’s greate to add this into your portfolio or CV to attract employers, why don’t you just make it as a side project that helps your community and make you money!

Size: 9.83 GB

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