[Ali Abdaal] The Principles of Productivity – MasterClass


[Ali Abdaal] The Principles of Productivity – MasterClass

“Being productive is really just about understanding the productivity equation and then figuring out which bits we need to optimise to apply to our own lives”.

In this first of a series of classes, I want to explore the idea of productivity in more depth – break down the concept into principles and theories as well as laws and powers to provide the foundation to enable us all to understand productivity on a more fundamental level so that we can all work towards living happier, more productive lives.

The Productivity Equation

The first video introduces the productivity equation that serves as a the underlying theme throughout this course. We’ll look at the key components including the extra ‘ingredient’ that I think is often missing in discussions around productivity and I’ll introduce the analogy involving the Pilot, the Plane and the Engineer.

Section One – Myths

Following the introduction to the productivity equation, in the first section we’ll take a look at three of the key myths that often surround discussions about productivity. We’ll explore issues around ‘not having enough time’, not being able to summon up the motivation as well as the prevalent belief in multitasking.

Section Two – Laws

The second section looks at a triumvirate of key laws associated with productivity. We’ll begin by looking at time management linked to Parkinson’s law then look at the value in understanding the Pareto Principle before finally exploring how one of the fundamental laws of physics can be usefully applied in the realm of productivity.

Section Three – Powers

The third section moves into the realm of powers – specifically, how we can use the power of habits as well as how we can powerfully leverage our time spent procrastinating or relaxing so that we can improve our productivity more broadly.

The Fun Factor

The final video explores the component of the productivity equation which I think is often missing when people discuss productivity and that is the fun factor. We’ll explore how enjoyment is fundamental to our productivity and how a change in mindset towards this enjoyment can have a positive effect on our productivity immediately.

Who am I?

My name is Ali – I’m a doctor working in the UK, and on the side I make YouTube videos about medicine, tech and productivity. Productivity is probably the issue I get asked most often about on my YouTube channel and across social media. Through reading books, blog posts, articles as well as experimenting with numerous techniques myself over the years, I feel that I’ve developed a bit of knowledge about productivity and that’s why I’ve decided to put together this extensive series of Skillshare classes to share my own knowledge in the realm of productivity and hopefully help us all work towards living happier, healthier and more productive lives.

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