[ACloudGuru] Google Cloud Essentials


This course provides an in-depth and holistic overview of the tools and services available on the Google Cloud Platform.

What you’ll learn

Welcome to the _Google Cloud Essentials_ course! This course provides an extensive and well-rounded exploration of essential core services and cutting edge technologies used on the Google Cloud Platform. It’s geared towards learners who possess a fundamental understanding of cloud computing and the Google Cloud Platform. In the end, you will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience using some of the best technology in cloud computing!


Broadus Palmer, is a seasoned GCP Training Architect with vast expertise in AWS Cloud Development and Google Cloud. he has contributed to numerous successful projects, acquiring a diverse set of tools and technologies along his journey. He has honed a particular expertise in aiding individuals and businesses in their transition to cloud-based solutions, making the most of his comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies. Broadus is profoundly passionate about both learning and teaching new tools and technologies within the cloud ecosystem. His approach to training is focused on developing engaging and easy-to-understand projects that facilitate effective learning.

General Info:

Author(s): Broadus Palmer
Language: English
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2023
Videos Duration: 9h 32m

Size: 2.44 GB

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