[Pluralsight] Understanding Android Application Basics


Understanding Android Application Basics

Start learning the skills necessary to become a successful Android developer by developing your understanding of Android application development and the creation of interactive user experiences with Android Activities.


The key to becoming a successful Android app developer is getting the basics right. Android is a component-based platform that has a different programming model than many other platforms. Understanding this component model, especially the familiar UI components known as Activities, is essential to success. In this course, Understanding Android Application Basics, you’ll get a better understanding of the Android application basics. First, you’ll start by deploying a simple Android application to become familiar with the environment. Next, you’ll walk through the process of designing the user experience for a more involved application. Finally, using the Android Studio designer, you’ll layout an interactive activity and connect it to Java code. Throughout the course you’ll continue enhancing the app to become a multi-activity user experience that provides interactive editing features and proper Activity lifecycle management.

Created : By Jim Wilson
Level : Beginner
Updated : Aug 19, 2019
Duration : 4h 16m

Size: 698.56 MB

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